IS­-GEO: Intelligent Systems Research to Support Geosciences

Please submit your abstracts for GSA 2015 to the IS-GEO Session

Session Description: This session will present advances in our understanding of the Earth system through innovative cyberinfrastructure that pushes the envelope on information systems research. Presentations will explore approaches that leverage Intelligent Systems (IS) to tackle heterogeneous data integration and visualization problems, as well as ontological reasoning with scientific metadata and mathematical models. Specific examples are expected to incorporate the current state of Intelligent Systems for Geosciences (IS­GEO) projects with forward­looking summaries from the IS­GEO community of practitioners and researchers. Addressing Intelligent Systems for Geosciences (IS­GEO) challenges requires collaboration among researchers from geosciences and information systems. Presentations in the ISGEO session are expected to merge ongoing efforts of the EarthCube initiative with technological advances across the geosciences.

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