2018 IS-GEO Workshop & Training Institute

Join us in Hilo, Hawaii, August 6-10, 2018!

Since 2016, the IS-GEO community has hosted hands-on training for geoscientists, geophysicists, data scientists and intelligent systems researchers.  In 2018 the 1-week workshop and training event will be hosted on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Beyond the Edge and Back Again!


Adaptive Sensing – Taking Scientists to the Sensors

In 2018 the activities will focus on Adaptive Sensing by Taking the Scientists to the Sensors.  During the workshop we will visit field sites in 8 diverse ecosystems to deploy and test observational equipment and technology stacks.


Day-to-Day Schedule of Events

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Data from the Multi-Ecosystem Sensor Network


[iframe src=”http://is-geo.chordsrt.com:8080/d-solo/44P_Cxcmz/correlations?orgId=1&panelId=2″ width=”450%” height=”200″]

[iframe src=”http://is-geo.chordsrt.com:8080/d-solo/44P_Cxcmz/correlations?orgId=1&panelId=4″ width=”450″ height=”200″]

[iframe src=”http://is-geo.chordsrt.com:8080/d-solo/44P_Cxcmz/correlations?panelId=6&orgId=1″ width=”450″ height=”200″]

Sea Level Pressure:
[iframe src=”http://is-geo.chordsrt.com:8080/d-solo/44P_Cxcmz/correlations?panelId=8&orgId=1″ width=”450″ height=”200″]

Adaptive Sensing for Fire and Water, Hawaii Big Island

Fire glow coming out of the active Halemaumau crater in Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Big Island.