IS-GEO Benchmarks

Welcome to the IS-GEO Working Group on Benchmarks (also known as WG on Case Studies).

This working group is creating benchmark datasets to generate more collaboration between geoscientists and data scientists.  Benchmark datasets serve as summary descriptions of problem areas, providing a simple interface between disciplines without requiring extensive background knowledge.  Each benchmark consists of a data set, along with a document that provides a quick introduction to the topic, provides a wishlist of analysis tasks and a quick interface (e.g. in Matlab or Python) to load and visualize the data.


Benchmark #1:   JPL-CH4-detection-2017-V1.0


Benchmark #2:  Sea Ice prediction

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  • Status: Starting in Nov 2017.


FOR A GENERAL INTRODUCTION to our benchmark creation effort (short 4-page paper):

  • I. Ebert-Uphoff, D.R. Thompson, I. Demir, Y.R. Gel, M.C. Hill, A. Karpatne, M. Guereque, V. Kumar, E. Cabral-Cano, P. Smyth, A Vision for the Development of Benchmarks to Bridge Geoscience and Data Science, Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Climate Informatics (CI 2017), NCAR Technical Note NCAR/TN-536+PROC, Sept 2017.  Get PDF here



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