MINT Documentation

MINT Documentation — Overview

Accessing the MINT Services


  • Data resources in MINT
  • Data Upload/Download and registration guide
  • Searching, filtering, managing, and viewing data

Analysis and Modeling apps


  • Selecting and Running a model Thread
    • Agricultural Model Example
    • Economic Model Example
    • Hydrologic Model Example

Interactive Narrative Graphics & Visualization

  • Narrative Graphics Quickstart Guide
  • Data preparation and formatting for visualization
  • Upload data to dashboards in ING dashboard templates (currently allows files >150MB, larger datasets must be registered in the MINT Data Catalog)
  • Narrative Graphics Library–example MINT narratives and visualizations that show useful modeling and analysis workflows in MINT


  • Research Highlights
  • Publications about MINT

For developers

General Information

  • New to MINT?
  • MINT’s YouTube channel
  • Troubleshooting and issue reporting
  • Contact us & Feedback

For the MINT Team



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