IS-GEO will open the 2016 AGU conference!
There are several IS-GEO activities at AGU. The IS-GEO session was selected to open the conference with lightning talks (a new format) on December 12th, Monday at 8am.
A poster session will follow that afternoon.
There is an RCN meeting on Monday evening at 6:30 pm (Marriott Marquis, in Foothills Room E). We will go as late as everyone wants and plan to get dinner and drinks afterwards.  We hope to see many of you at these sessions!  Please join us at the session and feel free to invite other folks that you think may be interested.
Check out the sessions organized on Intelligent Systems for the Geosciences (IS-GEO):
Mon, Dec 12, 8-10am, IS-GEO Lighting talks (IN11F) Moscone North-110
Mon, Dec 12, 1.40-6pm, IS-GEO poster session (IN13C)  Moscone South
Mon, Dec 12, 6.30pm, RCN meeting, Marriott Marquis.

The IS-GEO RCN kickoff meeting on Wed Jan 18 – Fri Jan 20 at UT Austin (Friday will be a half day).  We would like all attendees to organize sessions and lead some RCN activity, and have already assigned some of you to chair and organize some of the sessions.

The IS-GEO community is active and growing. Since the initial workshop in March 2015, the group completed a comprehensive report with findings from the workshop, as well as presenting at multiple meetings and continuing the conversations.  This page collects updates and news items that IS-GEO researches will find interesting and useful.

Please submit contributions and items you would like share with the group to: sawpierce at

Recent Events:

  • American Geophysical Union,

IS-GEO Sessions

NSF Presentation by Eva Zanzerkia and Hector Munoz (Slides)

  • Geological Society of America

Resources for the Community:

  • Slide presentation by Eva Zanzerkia and Hector Munoz at the IS-GEO session, 2015 AGU, San Francisco
  • Book, Sai Ravela’s book, “”

IS -GEO Topics in the News or Media (general interest):

Could Crowdsourcing Plus A.I. Save the World?  A blog review of a recent article in the journal Science called, The power of crowds, by Pietro Michelucci and Janis L. Dickinson, Science 1 January 2016: DOI: 10.1126/science.aad6499 , Vol. 351 no. 6268 pp. 32-33