IS-GEO Expert Series

The IS-GEO community hosts a monthly technical research presentation series where members of the community share the latest updates to cutting edge results, discuss a technical challenge with the group to brainstorm solutions, and explore topics of interest to people who may be just starting to learn about IS-GEO as a field of study.

Video and audio recordings are shared on this website as they are completed. You can watch the archived presentations using the links in the table below.

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Upcoming Presentation

  • Lucas Joppa. Microsoft Research

     Title: AI for Earth

    Abstract: We are alive at the intersection of two unprecedented ages – the Information Age and the Anthropocene, a proposed geological age defined by a rapidly increasing impact of human activities on Earth’s natural systems. The tools and technologies of the Information Age have the potential to accelerate environmental sustainability, but success will require buy-in from organizations on the front lines of both computer and environmental science and engineering. Microsoft’s AI for Earth program was created in order to fundamentally change the way that society monitors, models, and ultimately manages Earth’s natural resources. In this talk I will cover the ways that AI for Earth is investing in projects which focus on how environmental data are observed, communicated, classified, predicted from, and optimized over in the four key areas of climate change, agriculture, water, and biodiversity.

Next monthly meeting: 

  • Jun 5, 2018 2:00 PM CT

How to connect to the monthly meeting:

  • Teleconference calls are hosted using Zoom links. Access to the connection information is available by signing up to the IS-GEO listserv

Upcoming Call Dates and Tentative Presentations:

  • August 7th, 2018 2:00 PM CT- Elizabeth Bradley [Title to be announced]
  • September 11th 2018 – Kristie L. Ebi [Title to be announced]

Previous Presentations

May 2018: Zero-knowledge Spatio-temporal Inference, Modeling & Prediction – Ishanu Chattopadhyay

April 2018: Causality 101 for Geoscientists – Imme Ebert-Uphoff

March 2018: Constructing Scenarios Using Science Fiction Prototyping – Pat Keys

February 2018: The National Map as Linked Data – Krzysztof Janowicz

Dec 2017: FAIR Data – Douglas Fils

November 2017: Computer-Aided Discovery – Victor Pankratius

Sep 2017: Geoinformatics for Paleoscience – Emile-Geay

Aug 2017: Mining Mars Observation Targets – Wagstaff

June 2017: Data and Models of Geosystems – Hill

May 2017: Simplifying the Reuse of Datasets & Models – Peckham

Apr 2017: AI for Extreme Event Reslience – Ibrahim Demir

March 2017: Theory-guided Data Science – Karpatne & Kumar