IS-GEO Expert Series

The IS-GEO community hosts a monthly technical research presentation series where members of the community share the latest updates to cutting edge results, discuss a technical challenge with the group to brainstorm solutions, and explore topics of interest to people who may be just starting to learn about IS-GEO as a field of study.

Video and audio recordings are shared on this website as they are completed. You can watch the archived presentations using the links in the table below.

If you are interested in watching the presentations live?  Join the is-geolistserv to get notifications for the teleconference calls and audio/video links!

Previous Presentations

Douglas Fils (Coming Soon!)

Geoinformatics for Paleoscience – Emile-Geay

Mining Mars Observation Targets – Wagstaff

Data and Models of Geosystems – Hill

Simplifying the Reuse of Datasets & Models – Peckham

AI for Extreme Event Reslience – Ibrahim Demir

Theory-guided Data Science – Karpatne & Kumar