A major goal of the IS-GEO Research Coordination Network is training a new generation of researchers that can collaborate at the intersection of both areas.

Learn more about the upcoming 2018 Training Institute in Hawaii – HERE!

IS-GEO training must span several fronts:

  • Training cross-disciplinary students at the graduate, undergraduate, and high-school levels: young researchers that wish to work in topics that combine IS and GEO expertise should be trained in both disciplines, and should be exposed to successful systems that represent advances in both areas.
  • Training IS researchers: geosciences poses many interesting challenges, and IS researchers should be trained with skills to uncover and address those challenges by learning to work with geoscientists to understand problems and convey their approaches to accomplish productive collaborations.
  • Training GEO researchers: intelligent systems research advances very rapidly, and geoscientists must learn how to build on new advances and imagine what might be possible.

The IS-GEO network organizes training opportunities for all career levels and IS or GEO expertise.  These include webinars, summer institutes, and workshops.

Learn more about the 2017 IS-GEO Training Institute at the link below:


IS-GEO 2017 Training Institute Attendees